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Malev airlines jerked me around for several hours giving no expectation or promise to fly me out of Paris the same day and not giving me back my money either, until I finally gave up and bought myself a ticket with another airlines.They get to keep my money for doing nothing!

Thanks a lot! This is the last time I ever fly Malev.

Their delayed flight caused me to miss my next connection, and instead of finding me another connection they made me wait for 1h to get the counter, where a rude clerk tells me to go to AirFrance and check if they have space for me on their flight, and if they do, to come back (and wait another hour on the same line) to get this flight; I asked him to check with air france himself, but he was too busy and too uncooperative to do so, so I went to air france. Later on, after they told me they have no place for me on today's flights, I went back to see the line is twice as long, and most of those people seemed to have need sent forth and back to different airlines several times.

I found a flight that was leaving in 1h, I bought myself a ticket with another airline and saved myself.

Paris is *** and Air Malev is the devil.DO NOT GO THERE.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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