Malev Airlines suspends operations; Orbitz tells me I'm SOL

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I booked round-trip tickets to Bucharest from Paris on Orbitz (booked 1/4/12).

While completing this transaction, Orbitz asked me if I wanted trip insurance. Since there is a little uncertainty about an airline that I've never heard of (Malev"”the "˜official' airline of Hungary), I decided to spend the $60.68 for the trip insurance.

Last week, Malev airlines filed for bankruptcy and suspended all operations (week of 2/19/12). I tried to contact the airline to no avail. So I contacted Orbitz. They told me I'm on my own to get a refund from the airline. They neglected to point out to me that I had purchased trip insurance from them for $50.68.

Now I know why. The policy that they sold me does not include this airline. I had no receipt for this transaction from Orbitz. Probably because the policy that they sold me does not include this airline. But American Express pointed it out to me when I called to get a refund on the Orbitz transcaction.

The policy holder"”Alliance Global Asisistance"”is willing to reassign the insurance policy for me when I get new travel plans made. They were pleasant to deal with, and quite forthcoming. Unlike Orbitz, who charged me for the tickets and the insurance. My receipt from Orbitz does not show the charge for the travel insurance.


1. I got scammed by Orbitz on travel insurance.

2. I got screwed by Orbitz on travel. I spent $1000 on plane tickets, and "˜I'm on my own to get refunded by the airline'.

How's that for Customer Service?


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Malev airlines jerked me around for several hours giving no expectation or promise to fly me out of Paris the same day and not giving me back my money either, until I finally gave up and bought myself a ticket with another airlines.They get to keep my money for doing nothing!

Thanks a lot! This is the last time I ever fly Malev.

Their delayed flight caused me to miss my next connection, and instead of finding me another connection they made me wait for 1h to get the counter, where a rude clerk tells me to go to AirFrance and check if they have space for me on their flight, and if they do, to come back (and wait another hour on the same line) to get this flight; I asked him to check with air france himself, but he was too busy and too uncooperative to do so, so I went to air france. Later on, after they told me they have no place for me on today's flights, I went back to see the line is twice as long, and most of those people seemed to have need sent forth and back to different airlines several times.

I found a flight that was leaving in 1h, I bought myself a ticket with another airline and saved myself.

Paris is *** and Air Malev is the devil.DO NOT GO THERE.

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Malev Airlines - Stolen money from within my luggage in Budapest airport by Malev ground handling staff

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I flew to Budapest on 7th of October 2011 with Malev. My flight number was MA0201. My plane landed in Ferenc Liszt airport at 18.35 with 1 hour and 30 minutes delay.

Normally, I always carry my money with me but at home, I put my money( 750 USD ) to a small hand bag of mine and I forgot it there. Then I put my hand bag to my luggage. Anyway, nothing can justify what the thieves did.

After the plane landed, I waited more than usual to get my luggage back. I got my luggage back at around 19.25 or I should say between 19.15 - 19.30. When I got my luggage back, I wanted to exchange some money and I opened my luggage and I realized that my luggage was opened (it also had a small lock), my clothes were turned upside down and my hand bag that was in my luggage was searched and my 750 USD was stolen. Then I immediately report it to the police in the airport and still waiting for them to find the malev thieves. I have the receipts of the 750 USD. And police report regarding the incident.

I contacted Malev and got a response that they have no liability regarding my issue. I pay money to fly with them and give my luggage to them, they do not take care of it and their ground handling staff with the help of airport staff who check your luggage's with X- Ray machines are stealing my money from my luggage.

Malev must obey, ' Montreal Convention article 17, 22 ' and also ' EU Regulation 889/2002'.

1.5 hour delay was not enough, malev staff also stole my 750 USD from within my luggage. Unbelievable! I will never ever ever fly with Malev again no matter what. After this incident, I checked it online and I found out that many many people have been the victims of Malev.

Malev Airlines - Long delays of malev flights

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I missed an important meeting of mine due to 2 hours delay of malev flight. And I had the same experience before too with one and a half hours delay. Besides, malev do not care about its customers at all.

You send them e-mails complaning about what happened. You either do not get any response or you get an answer and all they say is that they are sorry, that's all.

I know better now. I will never fly malev again. And I recommend everyone not to fly malev, do not even think about. Malev is one of the worst airlines in the world.

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Malev Airlines - Malev's fairytales

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In the past I used Malev because it has been considered a company which offers high quality service, although more pricey then some low budget companies - but I thought it's worth the effort.Unfortunately I have been disappointed with each flight.

With one flight they gave us wrong information (on the ticket!!!) on the return flight, so we almost missed our flight - no apologies offered. Once I had to call their customer service for a ridiculous high price, to be held on the line for 30 minutes (!!!) and when I finally got to ask my question, suddenly the line got disconnected. This wasn't the first time this happened and I send them numerous e-mails about the fact that no matter what phone I use, the phone line is unstable - but they don't do anything, this increasing their income substantially I guess, as you have to call again and again. The check in system is also not reliable - with one flight we checked in, just to see that we didn't get the seats we selected, as they changed the plane and the seats we wanted were already taken.

And what sense does it make to check in on-line, as you still need to wait in the same long cue with the people that didn't check in, when you could just drop off your luggage as you already have a printed ticket.Too many mysteries...

Malev Airlines - Money stollen during transfer in budapest,hand luggage taken without questions asked or any explanat

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i had a very bad expirienve yesterday with malev from budapest to varna,my carry on was taken without any reason,the flight was empty and my bag was according the company standarts,was the last to join the flight and first to get off and discover that i am 5000 euro short,been told the plane is waiting for me from the flight from london wich was delay and no time to get anything out of my bag.i like the company to check all the luggage team.

flight number 0838 from budapest to varna,

this is totally unexeptable!

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Malev Airlines - They even don't give any information in the case that the police officers stoped me.

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I have got a flight ticket from Malev in Prishtina office to fly from Prishtina-Budapest-Prague, I have got the visa from Czech Consulate in Skopje and on the flight date 27.12.2009 I was stopped in the pristine airport without any reason, the police said that if we let you go they will not let you go from Budapest, and the reason that I have a Kosovar Passport,it is a responsibility of Malva agency to inform the passengers that if they are having Kosovo passport to not by a tickets from them if they want to use transit Budapest. I am very disappointed on Malev and the people who are working in the malev airport office say nothing about just we are not responsible,which is not true that they are not responsible, that's way they are there, if they sell a tickets they need to provide people with informations. I want to give me back the money of the flight ticket

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04:00 am 16/06/2011, we are sitting at the airport with a child, Because of the Malev we missed our connection flight to Skopje.The delay of malev's airline from Moscow was 4 hours, we arrived to Budapest at 01: 10 am.

The next flight to Skopje will be at 13: 05 pm. Airport is closed, we cannot get even water, it's too cold, we might get sick. The lady at the Malev transfer desk was to rude, even she allow herself to tell me "shut up". where is human rights???

according to EC passenger right we must get a compensation, but we got a rude behaviour from the staff of Malev airlines at the Budapest. We are two adults and one child freezing and felling thirsty. Where is Malev's staff, how could they left as at the airport without atleast water and blankets. It was totally Malev's fault of flight delay.

We even didn't get our boarding pass to Skopje at the next flight. Your are at the EC, and dealing with your passenger at very bad way.

I want a compansation for all of us.

my email:

Booking reservation number: 6DEWSV

Malev Airlines - Ticket refunding

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Hy i bought myself a ticket at Malev airlines to fly from Timisoara to London and i got a phone call that my flight was canceled and if i want i will get my money back.

Well time passed i send 6 e-mails that where ignored and now it is 1 month and 1 week and there is no trace of money refunded.

I think they shoud be faster in refunding money or they shoud at least place on their adress on the internet an complaining section.

This way if u got a problem your sure it reaches the right person.

Paying my ticket and not geting my money back in a reasonable time..

I think thats inaceptable.

Thank you

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